Your Health History

I've looked at plenty of health histories where patients just ran a line through all of the "no" answers and signed their name without even looking it over.  You know who you are.  I even had a very irate patient ask me "what does my health have to do with getting my teeth cleaned?"  Luckily the doctor was right behind her, walking into the room, and stated "everything".  
Believe it or not, the mouth is considered to be a part of your body.  What is going wrong with you could very well show up in your mouth.  Your physical condition and your medications also play a big part in how healthy your mouth and body are.
We need to know if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, etc.  We also want to have a complete record of your medications.  Your pharmacist will be happy to print out a list for you to carry in your wallet.  
I have had to call the paramedics for a diabetic patient that was going into shock and thank goodness we had a very thorough health history to give to the paramedics so that they would not administer something that may hurt him.  So you see, we are not just here to annoy you with paperwork, we are working together with you as a responsible team to assure your best possible care.
Don't be surprised if the dentist or hygienist will want to record your blood pressure at each visit as well.  We do not want to work on someone who's pressure is high or uncontrolled.  It is not worth having a stroke or heart attack simply to have a dental procedure performed.
It is the law that your dental professionals are trained in emergency medicine and CPR.  You can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are in capable hands if there is a medical emergency.
Your dental professional will want to update your health history every time you visit the office.  So be prepared and please be honest.  It's in your best interest.